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We back pioneering companies who can utilize our vast network of advisors, alumni, LPs, partners, and NU organizations. At HAV, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner for our companies. We look to provide introductions to potential advisors, customers, partners, and more.

About Us


Huntington Avenue Ventures seeks to empower innovative and disruptive Northeastern-affiliated companies. We strive to not only provide capital for these intelligent entrepreneurs, but to offer them access to our value network of Northeastern alumni from all over the world. 


At HAV, we believe that Northeastern has produced and will continue to produce intellectually curious entrepreneurs that will be leading disruptors in various industries. We are leveraging the quality of founders produced by Northeastern by investing in their ground breaking technologies.

Our Portfolio

Why Choose Us?

Help with investor syndicate

Large investor network of VC’s and Angels that can both lead and fill rounds alongside us.

Giving back to Northeastern

HAV’s management has pledged to donate a portion of the profits back to Northeastern’s entrepreneurship programs.

Value add network

A network proven to add value to our portfolio companies. Customer introductions, advisors, board members, and hiring.

“Huntington Avenue Ventures has proven to us in just a short time that they are a high value add fund. They have helped us get in touch with new customer opportunities at a clip that matches our best investors

– Tom Aley, Co-founder & CEO, Aidentified.


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AI & Data Analytics

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Industrial & Business Services


Highly Motivated Team

Meet the team behind the Huntington Avenue Ventures Fund.

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Andre Turenne


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Ryan Ayotte


Ohza is the original canned mimosa company that combines premium sparkling wine and 100% real fruit-juice to make a perfect mimosa that can be enjoyed any time and anywhere.


Greg Davidson


Lalo is a direct-to-consumer modern baby and toddler brand. The company offers design-oriented premium products. Its innovative style and growing line of products includes high chairs, play tables, bibs, and tableware.



Tom Aley, Darr Aley


Aidentified is a prospecting and relationship mapping tool. The platform leverages data science and machine learning to enable discovery of executives who have benefitted from wealth events. These prospects are then matched to their clients’ networks by using Aidentified’s proprietary mapping algorithms.



Ben Lilienthal, Benjamin Howard Lilienthal, Eugene Abovsky


ScreenMeet, Enterprise Remote Support in the cloud. The cloud-native remote support solution that is fully integrated with your existing CRM/CSM/ITSM system (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk). From a ticket, case or incident see, takeover, and fix any PC, MAC, or mobile device. All data gets written back to your CRM for auditing, analytics, and reporting.


Sasha Kipervarg


Ternary is a cloud cost optimization platform that provides engineering and finance teams visibility into how their resources are allocated across the cloud.

Phoenix Tailings


Nicholas Myers, Thomas Villalon Jr., Michelle Chao, Anthony Balladon


Phoenix Tailings, is building technology to enable the recycling and re-mining of Bauxite Residue (“Red Mud”) – a hazardous by-product in the aluminum industry – to extract strategic materials which are critical to the Defense, Automotive, Electronics, and Biotech industries. The company was founded with the mission to revolutionize the mining industry by enabling new sources of strategic materials, sustainably and economically.


Dan Hess & Judah Phillips


Squark’s no code predictive analytics platform empowers you to identify growth opportunities, mitigate risk, and forecast business outcomes. Use Squark’s automated predictive power to uncover ROI opportunities and maximize your business potential by making confident data-backed decisions.


Marc Held


Today, retailers squeeze suppliers with demanding payment terms and there is no reliable way to measure or control the carbon impact of a shipment. Suppliers face a liquidity gap of $1.5 Trillion per year in unmet demand for trade finance globally. With climate change being a current topic of discussion, transportation accounts for 30% of global greenhouse gasses. Fishtail provides suppliers with immediate trade financing that rewards sustainable practices with better rates (i.e. the ‘greener’ the shipment, the better the interest rate).

Behind the scenes, they are creating an ML-based green score for everything that moves and using that to drive the interest rates for lending. With Fishtail, customers can make freight and financing decisions in real time.

Pair Team


Cassie Choi, Neil Batlivala


Pair Team provides a software solution that automates primary care operations for Medicaid clinics. Its operations platform coupled with its own care team connects (i.) onsite providers through its electronic medical record (EMR) app, (ii.) patients through text/phone call engagement, (iii.) and third-party digital health partner through integrations to automate and ensure standards of care for healthcare risk management. By improving care quality, Pair Team drives revenue and reduces costs while also filling in the patient-provider coordination gap.



Matt Draper, Varun Pathak, Drew Pomerleu


Noble is a digital commerce platform that allows one guest to order and pay from their own device at a network of on-premise locations while solving for operational and regulatory hurdles. Noble’s product is uniquely positioned to others in the market by focusing on customer experience and unlocking the consumer network effects due to their B2B2C positioning.


Geoff Douglass


Mythos AI is developing technology to fuel autonomous vessels, beginning with a data collection platform for the hydrographic industry to collect and train waterway data sets.

BG Networks


Colin Duggan, Roman Lysecky, Jerzy Rozenblit


BG Networks’ vision is to enable IoT security everywhere. With their Security Automation Tools, BG Networks aim to remove obstacles that prevent embedded engineers from including cybersecurity in their applications.



Tienson Qin


Logseq is a joyful, open-source outliner that works on top of local plain-text Markdown and Org-mode files. Use it to write, organize and share your thoughts, keep your to-do list, and build your own digital garden.


Matt Renfro, Ken Abel


Lynx FinHealth is an API-connected modern banking, payment, and digital health infrastructure, providing health plans a fintech solution for their members to better save, afford, and pay for medical costs. In short, their solution is consolidating your health plan with your bank.


Jessica McGlory


Guaranteed is a tech-enabled hospice care platform providing solutions for at-home and inpatient use. By providing telemedicine services and in-person hospice aids, the platform helps streamline care that has been historically manual and ineffective. Guaranteed helps grieving families better navigate hospice care and gives hospice providers a solution to better deliver care to hospice patients.